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  Hello!   Before we get started, if you have reached this point … many thanks for considering me as a candidate to be your photographer! I know it isn’t always easy – yet another decision to make, and a very important one at that: your photographer …!   Allow me also to congratulate you, […]

SESSIONS     What’s a Trash the dress / Love Story / Honeymoon  reportage?   This is a reportage made after the wedding. You get to put on your outfits again, but slightly more informally if you want, and, this time with no nerves, no worrying about the clock ticking, or about the dress getting […]

*** Why do photo reportages cost what they cost?   Leaving to one side the quality of the service and of the product and the fact that we are talking of artistic and creative work, and focusing merely on the figures, there is generally little knowledge of what the job of a professional photographer involves. […]