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Do you offer a video service?


Yes! I work with my partner Antonio, of Stanco Producciones, who has a unique style, very different from traditional wedding videos: very natural and very fresh.


He is the invisible videographer: couples always say “we were hardly ever aware we were being filmed”.


Absolutely no posing, it is in the style of a documentary, as though you were looking at a film of your wedding through the eyes of a guest. Here I tell you more about him and here you can see examples of his work and comments from the couples (it’s in Spanish, sorry :S).


For me he is the perfect complement to my work because it means that the memories are complete, and nothing is missed out. We have a very special bond and that complicity is evident when we work together:)


Do you work in other cities or countries?


Of course, I am always delighted to visit new places and meet new people!


After sending you my rates, I ask you if you want me to include travel costs or whether you prefer to organize it yourself. To take into account: my equipment travels as my hand luggage, so one suitcase should be checked in.


I do not include accommodation expenses, which, if necessary, can be provided by you at a place near where you are.


When do you consider the date as fully booked?


When you return the signed contract and you pay the deposit.


How do your rates work?


There is a basic price for the full wedding coverage. Then you have the option to add a series of extras. If you are interested, ask me to send you a detailed price list.


Link: Why do photo reportages cost what they cost?


 Do you eat with us?


Most photographers stipulate this in the contract. To be honest I feel a little awkward doing that. However, I do appreciate getting something to eat, because as you’ll see, I give it my all and I need fuel to keep on going ;) You don’t have to give me what you are giving the guests; something simple is more than enough. And I need to be near you, so that I can have one eye on my plate and the other on what is going on at the wedding.


I am usually accompanied by an assistant, and if you also book the video, by my partner Antonio of Stanco Producciones.


 How long do you need for the private session?


That depends on you to a great extent. Some couples want to make the most of it and get a great reportage while others prefer to get back to the wedding soon to be with the guests. I’d like to plan it with you beforehand so I can know what your priorities are.


On my part, naturally, the more time I have, the more and the better the photos I can take. This is based on the assumption that I am not a genius and you are not professional models ;) To take a good picture requires time and tranquility.


But I always take care not to impose on the catering team and not to make the guests wait for too long. (Unless you decide to do the First Look –to do the session before the ceremony – in which case it is not a problem ;))


The minimum time I require is one hour with you. If you also book the Trash the Dress session, we can reduce that time as we know that we’ll have an exclusive session where we can take it as calmly as required .


If you don’t book the Trash the Dress session and you wish to have a good reportage, the ideal amount of time is one and a half to two hours, just enough to make sure you don’t get too tired ;)


Do you do poses?


Throughout the day I will be clicking away constantly, trying to capture everything that is going on. That is, what people nowadays term ‘photojournalism style’. You’ll see me up on a chair, or on the floor, or you won’t even realize I was behind you ;)


The private session is different. It is a –preferably relaxed- time where we are alone and where I focus on doing nice portraits of both of you.


Generally, I guide you and tell you to move over there, or over here, get in this position or that – but I promise not to ask you to smile or kiss each other!!! ;) – but most of the times, a good photo comes out of a moment that you make your own. That is, only a small percentage of photos are more or less prepared, and a much greater percentage is made up of photos that have “occurred” while preparing something else, because something spontaneous happens.


The important thing here is that you create the photos yourselves. What do I mean by that? Well, nothing that makes you feel uncomfortable or ridiculous will ever work… You will be the ones to feel glamorous, or fun, or romantic, or sweet, or crazy … and that is how the photos of your reportage will come out.




Do you do group photos?


Obviously, there will be photos of your relatives and friends in your reportage … But what I do not do are posed photos where I say “OK everyone, keep still and smile for the photo”.


Those static photos looking at the camera after the ceremony delay the private reportage and then don’t fit into an artistic album. Plus, you’ll have tons taken by guests!


Having said that, and needless to say, if you want a more traditional family portrait, do tell me. They’re usually meaninful pics to grandparents and elderlies. However, I would ask you to have someone in charge of organizing them so I don’t lose my voice straight away ;)


The idea is to do a reportage where you appear interacting spontaneously with other people, so that the photos have meaning. Just in case, I always ask whether there is anyone in particular with whom you would like me to ‘catch you’ in the course of the day ;)


For the group photos, what I suggest, if there is time and willingness, is to spend a while after the meal –when people have started to get into the swing of the celebration- to do some fun and original group photos ;) I do not need a photocall, it’s enough with everyone’s happy mood!


Remember that nobody will ‘go missing’ in the video. Both things will ensure the memory is complete. The video has chapters and extras practically entirely devoted to the guests.


How long do you stay on the wedding day?


I have established a maximum working day of 10 hours per wedding. The reason is purely physical, after ten hours jumping about with one camera on either side, my back, my kidneys and my wrists begin to flag. This is normally ample time to cover the occasion from the preparations to part of the party provided there are no significant delays.


Can we see an album?


Of course, here is a link where you can see the type of album and the binding and layout styles. It is a link with a password. Please ask me for it and I’ll be delighted to send you it! ;)


I work with professional laboratories and high quality albums. I’m very particular and I like the finish to be perfect ;)


There are three things I like to point out with regard to my albums:


One, the style: plain, simple, austere, timeless. The selection of fabrics to choose among are elegant and sober. I do not put any photos or anything on the front, I let the binders do their work ;)


Two, the layout: simple, with no patterns or adornments or other distractions. I’m not a graphic designer: the protagonism all goes to your photos :)


Three, the pages of the albums are fine, they are not like the cardboard pages of common digital albums that weigh a lot. The pages of my albums are flexible like a photography book, but much more resistant.


 What is a web slide show?


A web slide show is a short film made with a summary selection of photos of your wedding and set to beautiful music. It is hosted on-line and can be viewed with a password that you can share with whoever you wish, and it can be viewed from any device with an Internet connection.


Your web slide show will have no expiry date.


All my packs include a web slide show. If you want to view one, please ask me!


What is the Trash the dress session?


This is a reportage made after the wedding. You get to put on your outfits again, but slightly more informally, and, this time with no nerves, no worrying about the clock ticking, or about the dress getting dirty … we have a good time doing a session.


 (Trash the dress sessions can be hired separately.)


What is a Boudoir session?


A boudoir session is a private session with the bride which is normally given as a gift to her other half. It is a session for you to feel beautiful and sexy, for you to wear pretty lingerie or even, if you feel like it, having a few photographs taken in the nude.


My philosophy for this type of reportage is that it is more sensual to suggest than to show and it is above all, a tasteful affair ;)


(Boudoir sessions can be hired separately.)


What will you do with our photos?


Once you have seen your web slide show, I will select around 50 of them for post on my blog. Then, I may choose two or three from your private session to upload on my website. And I may also put one in to a wedding photography competition or a weddings blog that may want to publish them.


In the event that there is somebody in particular (this has happened with politicians, for example) who you do not wish to appear in the blog publication, all you need to do is let me know.


In the case of the boudoir session photos, if there are portraits in the nude, I do not publish them unless you give me explicit authorization to do so.


What if something happens…?


First, let’s touch wood.


Then, as regards the equipment, I always carry two of everything in case one goes wrong: two cameras, two LEDs, three lenses…



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