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Before we get started, if you have reached this point … many thanks for considering me as a candidate to be your photographer! I know it isn’t always easy – yet another decision to make, and a very important one at that: your photographer …!


Allow me also to congratulate you, because if you have reached this point … it must be because you wish to spend your lives together. That is a beautiful thing, and deserves all my respect :)


If you have reached me directly because you identify with what I do … great!! I couldn’t be happier :)


If you have reached me through one of my couples … also great!! You’ll have all the necessary feedback to make your decision :)


If you have reached me through the recommendation of a fellow photographer … also great!  But… if it is because he or she was your first choice and wasn’t free on your big day, it is important for me that you look at my work carefully and make sure that you feel that I am what you are looking for, regardless of the recommendation ;)


Let me introduce myself: I’m Anaís, the cheerful photographer, the coach photographer… the curly haired photographer, the Barcelona girl from Cádiz ;)




If you’d like to have a nose around and look at my photography background, how people describe me and so on, you’ll find stuff on my website and blog to satisfy your curiosity. I include this information mostly because I understand that, however simple your celebration may be, your wedding day should be a very special day, and it is nice to know a bit about the person you will be entrusting with the memories of the event. You have already seen what I do, but you may like to know a bit about me as a person.


And, of course, you will also be interested in knowing a bit about how I work …


Well, I work mainly with feeling. I like my couples a lot, and I very much like liking them :)


Before signing anything, I like to meet up with you or, if you live in another city or country, we can Skype (anaisgandiaga) or, if there are really no other options, at least have a chat on the phone.


Feeling that we hit it off, that you are going to trust me, that things are easy between us… I think this is also important for you – that, in addition to liking the work of the person you will be hiring, you feel that he or she is going to fit in well with your story.


I really give myself to it, I like soaking up your story … I always get emotional at ceremonies … So I try to work with people who I hit it off with so that I truly get excited about being part of their celebration of love.




Once everything is settled, I send you a short interview so that you can tell me things about yourselves and the preparations, with a view to putting together a file for each wedding and the story that accompanies each reportage :)


I like keeping in touch from the time you hire me to your W day. I like you telling me how things are going, sharing doubts that may arise in the course of the preparations  , news, jitters … And of course, if you need any recommendations or advice, here I am for you. For you it is normally the first time, but I have already experienced a few weddings ;) and I might be able to give you advice on aspects of the preparations you may be feeling unsure about.


It is also a way of getting to know each other a bit better. No one has ever come to me saying “I look great in photos, I love being in front of the camera” ;) Most people feel slightly uneasy, you may think you are not going to look as good as everyone else, that you will feel uncomfortable… If we are in contact and we keep each other up to date on things, when I get there with my camera you will find it quite natural to have a bunch of curls bouncing this way and that, clicking away on the camera.


(I’d just like to add that the most camera-shy person I know, who sees a photo of herself and is unable to see beyond lots of teeth and unruly curls is… Yup, me. So if there is anyone that understands that you might feel awkward about being photographed, that’s me.)




But one of my aims is precisely for you to end up enjoying it all and having a good time. The first minute of a private session might feel a bit strange (though it is also quite common for cool photos to come out of there) but you’ll relax soon enough, and eventually let go, feel really at ease and have a blast. I have seen self-proclaimed camera-shy people end up eating up the camera ;)


Another thing I like doing is visiting the locations with you, if possible. Before the wedding, I like to go with you to the venues where the ceremony and the celebrations will take place. The idea is that, as well as seeing them for myself, and getting an idea of the light and the ambience, I can also create a little script of what we are going to do in our private session, so that I can come prepared and not waste any time. When weddings are in another city, I always arrive at least a day before with that in mind.


The private session is usually done after the ceremony, though, depending on traditions, it can also be done beforehand: couples increasingly choose to do the ‘First Look’ to avoid having to go away for the shoot after the ceremony.


But let’s start from the beginning: what happens on the wedding day?


I usually start the day at the home or hotel where the bride is getting dressed. I arrive while she is getting her hair and make up done, to document the whole process, which is very beautiful: the transformation from a fresh-faced woman into a radiant bride, while relatives and friends come and go, with just a touch of nerves and jittering in the air.




If the groom wants, and if it is possible in terms of time and distance, I also come by and take some photos, always before going to the bride’s place, which is where I leave from to go to the ceremony. Unless you both get dressed at a hotel, or in the same building or similar, in which case I go from one room to the other the whole time, which is much easier and much more fun!


Then it’s off to get married … :) When the ceremony ends we do our session and then go on to celebrate! I usually try to have a rest then – though I rarely manage to;) – I try to make the most of the fact that it is not pleasant to have someone taking photos while people are eating. But in any case, I am always on the lookout for any surprise or special moment that takes place.


*(If you have chosen to do the ‘First Look’ we do the session before the ceremony. The idea, besides not having to leave the guests afterwards, is also to capture the moment where you see one another, all dressed up and gorgeous, for the first time and with nobody else there. The reaction is much more spontaneous than when you see each other at the ceremony surrounded by other people. We organise it to capture that unique moment and then we do a normal session and we stop a while before the ceremony to have a bit of a rest and freshen up. This option is also recommended for evening weddings, to make the most of the natural light before night falling.)


And then comes the dancing and the partying! I like to stay for a while to take photos of people having a good time and letting their hair down ;)


I’m not sure if I’ve left anything out, but I think this gives you a rough idea of how I work.


If you wish to continue the adventurewrite to me to share your story and all the details of your wedding and I will send you all the extra info you need together with my quote. You can also take a look at this link where you have more info on frequently asked questions :)


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