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What’s a Trash the dress / Love Story / Honeymoon  reportage?


This is a reportage made after the wedding. You get to put on your outfits again, but slightly more informally if you want, and, this time with no nerves, no worrying about the clock ticking, or about the dress getting dirty … we have a good time doing a session.


For Engagement sessions, you can dress more informally or with a specific look chosen specially for the session.


What’s a Portrait reportage?


It is an individual reportage of pretty portraits. If you fancy having special images of yourself, with a touch of glamour, this is your treat.


This type of reportage normally requires styling advice, which I’ll be glad to go over with you and the makeup artists.


What’s a Boudoir reportage?


A Boudoir session is a private session similar to the Portrait session but focused on bringing out a more sensual or intimate look. It is a session for you to feel beautiful and sexy, for you to wear pretty lingerie or even, if you feel like it, having a few photographs taken in the nude. A possible special gift for your other half.


My philosophy for this type of reportage is that it is more sensual to suggest than to show and it is above all, a tasteful affair ;)


Do you travel for this type of session?


Of course, I am always delighted to visit new places!


After sending you my rates, I ask you if you want me to include travel costs or whether you prefer to organize it yourself (No Ryanair, please! Carrying my equipment as hand luggage is very risky with this airline :S)


I do not include accommodation expenses, which, if necessary, can be provided by you at a place near where you are.


What needs to be taken into account for the Trash the dress / Love Story / Honeymoon / Engament sessions?


Several things… First, I always ask you to tell me what kind of reportage you have in mind. For instance, in the case of couples who are passing by on their honeymoon, they may be interested in portraits at the strategic sites of the city. Others, prefer an urban reportage that captures the atmosphere of the city and the locals. A good way to get started is for you to have a look at my work and tell me which photos you like especially.


Or perhaps you have in mind something more rural or in some special location?


Also, because the reportages are mainly outdoors, it is important to take into account the time of year to know what temperatures we will be working in and how crowded the city might be at that time of year.
And, of course, stlyling! I work with stylists I trust. If you are interested in them giving a touch of glamour to your reportage, ask me to send you their contact details.


What needs to be taken into account for the Portrait/Boudoir sessions?


First of all, styling. For this kind of reportage it is essential, a must. It really makes a difference to the final result to have a good stylist on your side.


I go over wardrobe and look with you personally, but hair styling and make-up are essential requirements if we want to nail the result.


Secondly, location. These reportages are normally indoors, and for the result to be optimal, we need an elegant space with very good natural light. It might be a pretty hotel room or a room in a house with the adequate characteristics or which can be adapted for the session.


How does the session work? Do you do poses?


Generally, I guide you and tell you to move over there, or over here, get in this position or that – but I promise not to ask you to smile or kiss each other!!! ;) – but most of the times, a good photo comes out of a moment that you make your own.


That is, only a small percentage of photos are more or less prepared, and a much greater percentage is made up of photos that have “occurred” while preparing something else, because something spontaneous happens.


The important thing here is that you create the photos yourselves. What do I mean by that? Well, nothing that makes you feel uncomfortable or ridiculous will ever work… You will be the ones to feel glamorous, or fun, or romantic, or sweet, or crazy … and that is how the photos of your reportage will come out.


A piece of advice? Make sure you eat well and drink plenty of water before the shooting. It’s time to give me your all! ;)




What is a web slide show?


A web slide show is a short film made with a summary selection of photos of your reportage and set to beautiful music. It is hosted on-line and can be viewed with a password that you can share with whoever you wish, and it can be viewed from any device with an Internet connection.


Your web slide show will have no expiry date.


All my packs include a web slide show. If you want to view one, please ask me!


Do you offer video for this type of session?


Yes! As always, I offer the services of my partner Antonio, of Stanco Producciones, who has a very documentary-like style: very natural and very fresh.


 He is the invisible videographer: couples always say “we were hardly ever aware we were being filmed”. If you want a fun memory of the day, you can add the video to your reportage.


Here I tell you more about him and you can see examples of his work and comments from the couples (it’s in Spanish, sorry :S).


When do you consider the date as fully booked?


When you return the signed contract and you pay the deposit.


How do your rates work?


For the reportages, depending on what type of session you are interested in, the needs and travel requirements, the price may vary, which is why I cannot give a fixed price here.


If you are interested, please ask me to send you a rate card detailing what is included in the reportage you are interested in.


Link: Why do photo reportages cost what they cost?


What will you do with our photos?


Once you have seen your web slide show, I will select around 25 of them for post on my blog. Then, I may choose two or three to upload on my website. And I may also put one in to a wedding photography competition or a weddings blog that may want to publish them.


In the case of the boudoir session photos, if there are portraits in the nude, I do not publish them unless you give me explicit authorization to do so.


What if something happens…?


First, let’s touch wood.


The most frequent fear for outdoor sessions is that the weather might not be on our side. What we normally try to do is reserve the date in question + one day to cover our backs. In this regard, it is better for the sessions to be from Tuesday to Thursday, because at weekends I may have to travel for a wedding and I may not be able to reserve the additional “just in case” day for you. It is also important to take into account the stylists, and whether they can reserve that additional day too.



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