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Los premios y similares dependen de muchos factores. Honestamente pienso que no lo merezco, pero hoy me voy a permitir disfrutarlo y tirarme el pegote total para calmar mi natural inseguridad que cada día me martillea con el “no estás a la altura…”:
Dos mil seiscientos fotógrafos de todo el mundo entre los que Canon ha seleccionado cincuenta ganadores y estoy entre ellos en el puesto 27.
Felicidades a todos, en especial a los otros dos compis españoles premiados, Virginia Gimeno y Raul Pageo Casanova. Brindo virtualmente con vosotros!!!





MyWed: How old are you?
Anaís Gandiaga: I’m 36.

MW: How old do you feel like?
AG: Depending on the subject ;) When I’m taking photos I expect to feel like a child.

MW: How long have you had this passion for photography? How long have you been taken photos for?
AG: You can read the story of “Phothography and me” on my website. It all began with my mum’s camera…

MW: What is your inspiration coming from?
AG: People. It’s all about people. I like people, I kind of fall in love with the people I photograph. Yeah, it might be without the ‘kind of’ :)

MW: The most important event in your life.
AG: Won’t talk about sad things… So… I didn’t get married, didn’t have children… I don’t know, I’d say moving to different places have been the most important events in my life.

MW: Your dream.
AG: Just one? Cinema is my true love, might be my true dream then.

MW: Do you travel a lot? Where you want to go?
AG: Nowadays, I mostly travel because of work. I’d go anywhere, any place is interesting.

MW: Where would you like to live?
AG: I’d like to try New York for a while, athough Barcelona rocks ;)

MW: What do you value the most in photos?
AG: Elegance, authenticity… It’s something not easy to express with words: it just says something to you or it doesn’t.

MW: Your motto in life.
AG: Values, principles. I like old chilvarous values like integrity, loyalty, honesty… Not very in fashion nowadays, but to me it is what gives meaning to it all.

MW: The best thing in life is:
AG: All kinds of healthy love and all kinds of creative expressions -art and creativity are the greatest medicine for a damaged heart.

MW: The most annoying thing in life is:
AG: A heartache.

MW: Your secret of success.
AG: Hard work & ignoring secrets for success :)

MW: Anything else apart from photos?
AG: Yeahhh, I love singing, writing, dancing…

MW: Best Models are…
AG: Normal people. Anonymous people. People in love.

MW: You take the best photos when…
AG: There’s no much mistery in this I think: connection and devotion.

MW: Is there anything that you would like to change around you?
AG: This is a harsh world we live in, so many things to change and to work for. I’d start with improving communication and consciousness skills all over the place.

MW: What would you like to change in yourself?
AG: For a start, being less perfectionist and less insecure about the quality of my work.

MW: What have you always believed and continue to believe in?
AG: Good people.

MW: Tips for beginners:
AG: Ignore critics about your style. My friends used to tell me, ‘why would you cut people’s head in the composition?’ Well, that was just it :)

MW: Whom would you like to shoot with?
AG: Ahh… Anna Kuperberg, Daniel Aguilar… My friends Susana Barberá, Virginia Gimeno… Many great photographers to learn from.

MW: If you are call to shoot a movie, what genre would it be?
AG: Like in real life, the genre would be tragicomedy.

MW: Art for money – is it real?
AG: It is if you do what you want to do and then clients choose you because they connect with your vision.

MW: Favourite music, movies, etc. (only three names!)
AG: Only three names??? Argg… Love cinema, specially non-comercial international cinema, love music, plenty of styles… Favourite book (novel), probably Essay on Blindness, by José Saramago.

MW: The most wonderful crazy and funny thing that you made in your life?
AG: Moving to another country for love…? Although it didn’t work out, but I was brave enough to try and it was worth it.

MW: What would you like to shoot in the future? (What picture/scene)
AG: I’d love to become a portrait photographer. All about people :)

MW: Tomorrow I will go and do…
AG: I’ve recently found out that, after a long way of ‘doing’ it is time to let it flow and wait to see what tomorrow brings :)

MW: And in the end. Your best shot. Tell a few words about it.
AG: Is there such a thing as best shot? :) Any good shot I’ve taken I truly think it was given to me. It’s difficult to feel as the author, it just happened for a mixture of external and inner factors.





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